5 Pieces of Bold, Powerful and Large Wall Art for the Home

Whether you decide to get your hands dirty and DIY a beautiful piece or scour your favorite stores for the most perfect addition, bold, powerful and large wall art for your home could be what make your vision complete. We’ve compiled 10 different ideas to inspire you and help on you on your search for the missing piece of your home accent collection; a large piece of wall art to create focus and a fashion-forward statement.

If you have an overhead projector or you can borrow one from a friend, you too can create a similar mural on your wall. It’s such a gorgeous and unique creation and you can personalize it any way you’d like!{found on lebazardalison}.

We’ve all seen paint chips used as materials in a variety of DIY art projects, but using them on this large of a scale never looked better! Just pick your colors and get to work.

It would be quite easy to find a similar piece of art in a store but it’s just as easy to make one yourself and in the colors of your choice! Grab the paint and some tape to get started!

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