Discovering The Elegance And Charm Of French Doors

French doors have one of the simplest and, at the same time, most complex designs. They’re incredibly versatile and able to adapt to a variety of styles, whether this means their design gets transformed or not. But the most iconic detail which has made French doors so popular is their transparency and ability to connect two spaces even when they’re closed. So next time you’re looking for some French country decoration ideas or inspiration, consider adding these to your list and perhaps also some French door curtains.

Consider French doors if you wish to create a barrier between two spaces, one being indoors and the other one outdoors, without completely separating them. For example, a bedroom that has its own little balcony could greatly benefit from such a bohemian feature.{found on designindulgence}.

An even better use for French doors would be having them stand between a family room/ living space and the beautiful courtyard or garden filled with vegetation and blooming flowers.

And it’s not just the living room or the bedroom that deserve to share this connection with the beautiful landscape. Spaces such as the kitchen could open onto the outdoors through transparent glass. We’re talking, of course, about French doors.{found on rockpaperhammer}.

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