Let’s talk about gardening. Do you keep a garden? It’s such a great way to be economical with your time and money, plus it encourages eating a healthier diet purely because of what food is available out your back door. Picture a nice neat garden in your backyard that requires little effort and produces lovely vegetables for your enjoyment. Raised beds are a great gardening method to help you reach that vision and save you an aching back. Take a look at these 10 DIY raised beds and decide which one would be best for you and your backyard.

Some wood from the hardware store and some good dirt are a good place to start when surveying raised beds. You can make these beds any shape or size that will best fit your yard and with a little effort, you’ll be picking tomatoes and cucumbers in no time at all. (via Hammers and High Heels)

For those of you who have wooded property, first, I envy you and second, use some of those fallen logs to your non-bonfire advantage. Just roll them into place and fill with dirt. Now wasn’t that easy? (via Phdinparenting)