Studio Apartment Stays Authentic By Keeping Its Brick Walls Intact

This is how this small studio apartment looks like after it has been renovated. Instead of focusing on updating everything, the project tried to preserve a lot of the original features and emphasize the authenticity of the design overall.

The apartment offers a total of 40 square meters of living space, divided into a social area containing the kitchen, dining room and living space, a bedroom and a bathroom. The living space is where it’s easy to observe all the unique design details, such as the exposed bricks on the walls.

Eco-friendly, natural and durable materials were used during the renovation. The floors and the window frames are made of oak and combined with the exposed bricks they create a pleasant and inviting ambiance with a little bit of rustic and industrial charm.

The window sills are spacious enough to allow cozy nooks to be created. This makes the living space and the kitchen feel particularly welcoming and comfortable, especially combined with all the other accent elements such as the wall art and the throw pillows.

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